Фильм Анджелины Джоли о геноциде в Камбодже «First They Killed My Father» (Сначала они убили моего отца») поборется за номинацию на «Оскар» в категории «Лучший фильм на иностранном языке».


Фильм будет представлять Камбоджу, т.к. снят на кхмерском языке и при участии местных жителей.

«Мы очень горды тем, что будем представлять Камбоджу, и счастливы разделить эту радость со всей страной», — отметила актриса в официальном заявлении.

It’s official: #FirstTheyKilledMyFather is #Cambodia’s submission for the best foreign-language film #Oscar at the 90th #AcademyAwards. . «This means a great deal to all of us involved in making the film,» #AngelinaJolie said in a statement in response to the news. «To work with local artists to bring this story forward has been a moving and humbling experience,» she added. . «We were together when we received the news and it was very emotional,» #LoungUng, who also served as co-writer and executive producer on the film, said of the announcement. «This has been a long journey for me, and while it is personal, it is also reflective of the experience of millions of #Cambodians. We are very proud to be representing Cambodia as this year’s selection and share this moment with the country.» . «I am very happy and very proud,» added #RithyPanh. «Because the film is original and powerful. Because thousands of us participated in the film’s making and so, too, in writing a chapter of Cambodia’s collective history. And because this history doesn’t belong only to the Cambodia people; it is universal. Cinema also is a way to talk about the resilience and dignity of human beings.»

Публикация от Angelina Jolie / Angie ❤️ (@angelinaj1975)

Кинокартина снята на основе мемуаров камбоджийской писательницы и активистки Лун Ун о режиме красных кхмеров, изданной в 2000 году.


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